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The purpose of the Foundation of Heaven for a Brand New Day is to take the words and teachings of the Book of Heaven to audiences around the world - to enthrall, excite and teach God's brand new message for a Brand New Day and to raise money from donations to be used to help indigenous people around the world.

About the Foundation

The origin of the Foundation of Heaven for a Brand New Day began in 1984 when God himself unveiled his plan to reveal His greatest treasures, The Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven which are located throughout the world. Over an eighteen year span, God sent Foundation members to far reaching corners of the globe to chart each circle's location and to learn of the powerful and pure voice contained in each one. Within these powerful energies sacred messages were revealed and are documented in the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day. Each circle has been marked in stone in a way that was carefully directed by God so that others would know of their location and make their own pilgrimage one day.

You might be asking yourself, 'Who are these people, the members of the Foundation? How do they know this is God speaking to them? How do they know for sure that they're not being tricked in some way? How can they make such bold statements about God with such conviction?" We are going to leave the answers to these questions up to you.

Those of us who have been involved in God's work and who have followed the lessons and heavenly guidance know in our hearts, through personal and dramatic demonstrations, the truth of all that has been shown and revealed to us. There has never been a moment since this work began in 1984 that anyone has made an attempt to commercialize or bring any of this information out to the world. We have been pushed and nudged by God harder than anyone can imagine to now step forward and take this work, these words and lessons and the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day and give them to you.

The members of the Foundation come from all walks of life. We are businessmen and women, professors, artists, professionals, brokers and developers, computer specialists, students and many more. These are the kinds of people who have felt compelled to be involved in this sacred work over the years since it began in 1984 - ordinary people with jobs and families, just like you.

Some people will read the information given on this site and possibly say, 'Who do these people think they are? Are they nuts?' Others will read on and be touched in their hearts in a way that they could never imagine. We have simply done what God has asked us to do. We have always tried to work in the greatest integrity and humility, with the deepest respect for the work that we are doing, temporarily putting our own personal lives and personalities aside.

With the greatest care, dedication and sometimes through great sacrifice, our intention now is to deliver to you exactly that which God has given to us. We, the members of the Foundation of Heaven for a Brand New Day humbly and passionately pray for you and the world, and hope from the bottom of our hearts that we have done God's work exactly as He has wanted us to.

Executive Board of Directors

Joanne Stillwagon

JoAnne Stillwagon holds a Master of Science Degree from the University of La Verne.  She has been a licensed psychotherapist in the State of California since 1977.  JoAnne has a large, active practice in Southern California and an on-going practice nationally and internationally.  Her greatest gift to her patients is to charge them with the awesome responsibility of falling in love with their original self and to get excited about their lives and who they are.   

JoAnne is regarded as a gifted mystic who has the ability to see, hear and be visited by all the heavenly realms and beyond.  Great teachers from the realm of Heaven have given her teachings for the world at this time.  The beautiful lessons and teachings are found in the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day which you may view on this website. 

Since 1984, JoAnne’s visitations from Master Teachers and Heavenly Beings have taken her around the world to create the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven.  She has written books for children and adults, including “God’s Love Letter for You” and  “God’s Playground for You”. Over a three year period of time she was given a series of poems which have been compiled into a beautiful book entitled, "The Poets of Heaven." Her children’s series includes fourteen books, of which her favorite is “God’s Promises for You”.   

JoAnne is a mother of five and grandmother to eight awesome grandchildren. Her prayer and desire is for the world to read and see this amazing body of work that teaches the reader to live in a brand new way and experience a brand new world. 

JoAnne brings us the voices of the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day and is one of its four presenters. She is also the President of the Foundation of Heaven.


Irene Marie 

Irene Marie is the founder of Miami Beach based Irene Marie Models – one of the most successful and long lived modeling agencies in America. Despite beginning her career with no formal managerial experience she was blessed with great success thanks to persistence, hard work, and dedication. In both her personal and professional life she served as a mother - to her models as well as her 5 children. Irene took an active role in their lives, lending advice on both professional and life decisions. In 2005 Irene, along with MTV, launched the television series '8th & Ocean' chronicling her and her models professional lives.

After 25 years of service to her industry and City, Irene retired from the agency to focus her time on her passion- mentoring youth on the importance of education and inspiring new entrepreneurs. Irene is currently also utilizing her unparalleled knowledge of local business development and luxury brand integration to assist foreign companies in their transition to Miami's ocean-side paradise as well as serving as a consultant for companies in the entertainment industry.

Since 1980, Irene has been acknowledged by several organizations including: 1985 Business Owner of the Year by The Network Connection, 1994 Florida Entrepreneur of the Year, 2003 Florida Business Woman of the Year, and 2004 International Business Woman of the Year by the Women in International Trade organization. In 2007 Irene received the key to the City of Miami Beach for her continued efforts towards promoting economic and cultural growth in the city. Irene has also served as an expert correspondent and consultant for CNN, E!, and MTV.

She began her work with the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven in 1998. It was the opening of a door to a new awareness and a new purpose for her life. She participated in the building of the Sixth Sacred Circle of Heaven, The Christ Circle, located in Peru; an experience which shook the foundation of her religious beliefs and upbringing, but simultaneously was the most extraordinary experience of her life. She continued this work in 2000 traveling to Turkey to build the Circle of The Eye of God, and in 2001 traveled on yet another scared journey to the South of France where she was given the "Words of Mary of the Heavens". In 2004 she wrote a small book documenting that journey and the information given to her.

It is Irene's belief and passion for God's Great Work that has made her the burning wheel and the driving force which continues to push this work forward. It is her conviction, determination and hard work that has enabled the creation of this website for you.

Irene is one of the four Presenters of the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day and the Vice President of the Foundation of Heaven.


Rosanne Jurich

Rosanne Jurich worked for many years in the television industry, as a producer for television commercials, and serving in various capacities at a Los Angeles based production company.  She left the industry in 2004 and is currently employed in the health care industry. Rosanne graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Seattle University. 

Rosanne’s spiritual journey began in 1992 when she met JoAnne Stillwagon. By 1993 she had joined the circle crew and traveled to Australia to help build White Station, the third Sacred Circle of Heaven in Queensland.  She subsequently went on to participate in the building of the circles in Tibet, Madagascar, Peru and Turkey. 

Rosanne has been responsible for the most important task of recording all sacred messages, lessons and information delivered through JoAnne over a period of fifteen years of circle and book work. Additionally, Rosanne is privileged to have visited all Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven. 

Rosanne has two beautiful daughters whom she has raised with the lessons and beliefs of this sacred work.

Rosanne currently serves as the Treasurer of the Foundation of Heaven for a Brand New Day and is honored to be a presenter of the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day.


Nancy McCoy

Nancy McCoy graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a BA in Communicative Disorders in 1981 and with an MA in Audiology in 1982. She has worked in the field of Audiology ever since, providing hearing and balance testing and rehabilitative services to children and adults in various medical and clinical settings. She has also taught Audiology courses at Southern California colleges and universities and has written a chapter on Hearing Rehabilitation for a college text in Audiology, published in 2008.

Nancy met JoAnne Stillwagon in 1983 and through a process of personal healing and revelation, she came to an awareness of God's sacred work. Considering herself more spiritual than religious, Nancy entered the work of building the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven in 1995 and she participated in bringing the last three circles (Madagascar, Peru and Turkey) into being. Nancy is the transcriber of all recorded messages, making sure they are complete and accurate. She is responsible for communicating with all Foundation members and for maintaining and protecting the library of all sacred documents.

Nancy is one of the four presenters of the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day and she currently serves as Secretary of the Foundation of Heaven.

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