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The Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven are God's most precious jewels taken from His crown as a gift for all mankind. Within each jewel, lives a spirit of an ancient teacher that practiced a simple yet powerful connection with God for thousands of years.


The Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven
United States Japan  -  Australia  -  Tibet  -  Madagascar  -  Peru  -  Turkey

You are about to be introduced to the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven. Over a period of twelve years, God called upon dozens of ordinary people to hike, trek, drive, and fly, simply said, to journey around the world discovering, charting, documenting and building seven great circles of stone. These individuals, with great intention, devotion and blind faith, embarked upon what were truly the most extraordinary experiences of their lives - the results of which are being presented and given to you.

Located across five continents in seven different countries, the Seven Circles of Heaven can be best defined as pinpoint locations that house a concentrated vortex of spiritual energy. This is not an ethereal concept, but a true physical reality. In fact, given the time and proper resources you could actually measure the high energy level in each circle. These are not just random unexplained energy fields. They exist by design and their locations are based on where God knows they will remain as open and pure as possible.

Within the energy of each, you will find the heart of a unique ancient teacher. Think of it this way - we are born with a DNA makeup that defines who we are. Similarly, each circle contains its own unique spiritual DNA. This DNA defines the heart of the teachings that exist within in each circle. God has put each in place as a way for all mankind to reconnect with him in a simple yet pure and powerful way. For example, if you were to visit the circle at Angel Canyon in California, you would find it contains the energy DNA of the Native American known as the Red Man. Spend a short time there and you would find yourself actually touched by the spirit of the Red Man. You would feel his essence, his soul, his knowing and his connection with the spirit of God. The Red Man's spirit stays connected with God, it is eternal and forever, never fading away.

God has told us that the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven are His most precious jewels that He has plucked from His crown of heaven and placed on this earth for you. Through this gift, it is God's hope and desire that you will embrace these teachings and use them to develop your own powerful connection with him. God wants you to have a brand new view of the world, yourself and others.

As you enter into each unique circle, it is only appropriate to give you background information describing the preparation and details surrounding the journey of discovering and building each circle. Enter now into the energy of the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven, God's most previous jewels. Leave your worldly problems and concerns behind for just a small moment in time. We invite you to journey to some of the purest and most beautiful locations in the world.

Some of the circles are in remote areas that do no have specific addresses. If you are planning to visit any of the circles, the maps below should get you close. You will then need to ask questions to people living nearby for final directions to the sites.


Angel Canyon Circle
Big Morongo Canyon, California
The spirit of the Native American Red Man


The Circle of the Moon
Mooncamp, Madagascar
The spirit of the Witch Doctor


Mt. Fuji Circle
Lake Yamanakako, Japan
The spirit of the Samurai Warrior

The Great Peruvian Circle
Jungle of the Rocks,  Peru
The spirit of the Christ

White Station Circle
Queensland, Australia
The spirit of the Aborigine

The Eye of God Circle
Central Turkey
The Circle of the Pupil of the Eye of God

The Great Circle of Tibet
Dege, Tibet
The spirit of the Great Buddha


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