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Angel Canyon Circle
Location: Big Morongo Valley, California (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

The first of the Seven Sacred circles is located in Morongo Valley, California. For one year prior to its discovery, crewmembers were guided to this desert location through a series of visions and channeled messages. Once there, they were instructed by God to sit in prayer in the valley of this majestic canyon. He asked that this be done every week during all phases of the moon and sun. This took tremendous faith and discipline, after all, none of them were certain as to why they were being asked to do this. In addition, each was guided to take one dollar's worth of silver, wrap it in a red cloth and bury it under a very large white stone close to where they had been praying. After nearly a year of weekly prayer, God finally revealed the scant remains of a sacred Native American medicine wheel encrusted in the desert floor. It was located atop a large plateau, surrounded by the great mountains of the canyon, several hundred yards from where they had been praying.


Crewmembers were guided to rebuild this ancient site with a circle of knee-high stones, 23 feet in diameter. They were told to build what would be the "Eye of God' in the center, by embedding a 5'x5' wooden cross encircled by smaller stones. The entrance to the circle is graced with beautiful embedded white stones, baring the natural markings of a cross. Crewmembers were told that this location would be known as Angel Canyon Circle and that they should begin using it for prayer and healing. To date, there have been many physical healings as well as spiritual enrichments.


It was not long after crewmembers re-established this ancient circle that they learned from God that a great vortex of energy was embodied within the site. God revealed that the energy held the spirit of the Native American, known as the Red Man. It is believed that the alchemy of the silver, the red cloth and the natural desert soil, coupled with the discipline and the pure intentions of the group, opened the door to activate the energetic force of this sacred site. The spirit of the Red Man was soon channeling its great teachings to the group. This was indeed phenomenal and incredibly enlightening. But it was only to be the beginning. Over the course of 11 years, God would reveal six more sacred circles located throughout the world.

Below you will find photos and messages submitted by people from around the world who have visited this Sacred site. If you would like to share your story or photos, click here.

Angel Canyon Circle
Red Man prayer card
Lessons of the Native American Red Man
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Your heart needs to always be as light as a feather being carried through eternity."

Place a feather in your hair and follow along, Dear Reader, and understand. In your mind see the feather floating through eternity. Become aware that your heart needs to always be as light as the feather being carried through eternity. As you enter into the world of the great Red Man energy, you will understand their knowing of this feather, and that they too believe and know and understand that the world of spirit is the only place to live and be.  


Anything out of spirit is utter nonsense, do you see? 


It is in this moment in time that you must become a feather, and follow along on the wind as you are taken into the great circle of spirit energy. Step into the circle of the great spirit of the Indian soul, come and enter into this energy. Remove your shoes and allow your feet to be on the ground, pounding your feet in the dirt, you see. Become great with the spirits of this sacred Indian ground, where you too can be a Red Man for the moment, you see.  

Close your eyes and stand in the circle with grace. Open your arms as wings, you see. Imagine that you too are the feather that will begin to soar and fly into God’s world as true spirit. As you then sit in the center of this circle, you will have words of great spirit energy that will come and float softly down to you. Listen carefully. Listen to the drumming of the spirit world. The drumming is always the heart of an animal, or of your own soul, or a loved one long gone, past the echoes of time. The drumming truly connects you to a world of spirit that you cannot see with your eyes.  


Spirits open and beckon and amaze you. 


As you travel into the world of spirit, you will understand that everything that you touch, that you smell or you see has a spirit that is alive and awake. These spirits are opening their mysteries to you, mysteries that cannot be told by others, you see. These are the mysteries that unfold when you open your own soul to the spirit world of these great souls, you see. For they truly know there is no death. The American Indian is going to show you in every way, as a bird falls from the sky and lands on the ground in front of you, the soul of this small bird rises and flies away. The body remains on the ground, the spirit soars back to it source, you see. This is the great belief of the Native American Red Man and his spirit energy.  

It is of great importance that for this moment in time you be like the falling bird from the sky, you see. You fall on the ground, but in that moment you are released back to spirit, do you see? It is a circle of spirit energy that is greatly practiced amongst these wise red skinned souls, you see. For this moment in time, you are to take a breath. You are to imagine in your mind that you fall from the sky, that you land on the ground and there is no death, but a great rebirth of your soul’s energy. You fly as spirit back to your source. It is a most important gift given to you as you sit inside the circle this day. Read away, Dear Reader. Read away. 


You fly as spirit back to your source.

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