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God's Big Dream

JoAnne's Story

Early one morning in 1985, I found myself suddenly awakened by a loud knocking on the back door of my home. Startled, I woke my husband and told him that our daughter must have forgotten her keys. However, just then, our room suddenly heated up to what felt like 120 degrees. In that moment, I suddenly had a vision of a brilliant scarlet and orange explosion a thousand times greater than any atomic bomb. As this event unfolded, I could see the sky parting, revealing a view of the entire universe. There I could clearly see seven very bright stars all connected by a single gold cord. A powerful booming voice came through and said, 'You are looking at the force of God!' This left me beyond fear. I was being shown a side of God that I had never known. His force was beyond our worldly realm and it changed my concept of His power forever. I was astonished and had no idea at the time what it all meant. However, it was the beginning of a spiritual odyssey of such great magnitude that in reflection still seems unimaginable.


My name is JoAnne and I am as ordinary as your neighbor, your friend, your mother, your sister or your wife, with on exception - I am a mystic. This gift has made me (albeit reluctantly at times) a conduit for God's extraordinary plan, the discovery and marking of seven sacred locations throughout the world. It has only been in the last couple of years that I along with other Foundation members have come to realize what God's plan was really about. Through a series of visitations, visions and messages He asked us to travel the globe in search of seven sacred locations. He directed us to mark these locations with a circle of indigenous stone in a very specific design. We were told that these were known as 'The Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven' and that they were God's gift to the world.


Finding the seven circles has taken over twelve years with the completion of the seventh in 2000. It was then that God, through channeled messages, asked that a web site be built so that his gifts would be given to the world. It has taken several years, but you are now at the first version of God's web site.


As you move through the web site you will come across various passages and excerpts that have been channeled from beyond our earthly realm. They come from Guides, Higher Beings and in some cases God himself. I have been instructed not to change a single word or message. They have been transcribed verbatim as they were given. you will no doubt notice that they tend to be different in their tone, rhythm and cadence. This is not poor writing or the misuse of a certain word. They are simply messages that are not of this world, with a language of their own. 

Heavenly Language


Throughout this website you will be introduced to a multitude of different energies that have come from the heavenly realm. You will find messages from God, the Holy Host, Guides, Samurai and Aborigine energy, Buddha and many more. To make your journey through this website easier, we have defined this as Heavenly Language.


When you come upon this Heavenly Language you need to understand that these heavenly words are unedited. This language is not from this world and hence, it does not read nor sound like our own language. It has its own cadence and beautiful rhythm. It is a language that pierces the heart, even though it may sound strange to our human ears.


The Heavenly Language is grammatically put together in a way that you will not be familiar with, but we have been specifically guided not to alter these words in any way, to be true and guard these words in their pure form.


God’s web site is not a static message, but a living and changing communication to you. The teachers from the Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day have many more ideas and messages they want to give to you. Please continue to visit our website regularly

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