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The Laws of Heaven

In March of 2000 during the journey to build the Circle of the Eye of God in Turkey, the Laws of Heaven for a Brand New Day were given to the Foundation members at Mount Ararat.



World, open your eyes to me. Give sweetness to each soul served to you. Give a touch of your finger to the heavens each day. Give milk and honey to your brother that you meet along the way. Be in love with everyone that comes to you. And when you lay your head on your pillow at night, be assured that I love you with all my might.

Before you place upon your tongue a piece of sweet, a piece of meat, you must think out loud and say, “Before I bite, do I want to give this away? Is someone starving when I am full? I must be asking each day before I take a bite, what can I give away?”

The song of Heaven is that you be one with the Heaven, one with the God, one with your mother, your father, your sister, your brother — one with the man in the gutter this day. There is no other way, or I do not sleep.

Divide my heart in two. Keep one for me, one for you. When I give one away, one is given to me. 1 then have a whole heart. It’s the only way.

Talk to the heavens and say, “God, it’s me this very day. God, do you see me this very day?” God will say, “I see you. You are perfect to me.”

Sponge your feet each day so that they may walk softly on another’s heart. Sponge your mouth each day so that it will speak softly to another’s heart. Sponge your mind each day so that it may be clean for God. There is no other way.

Sit at another’s table, bring the food. Leave another’s table, leave the food. Drink another’s water, you take away. Give another water, you replenish. Water, food and God - the same.

The mercy I have for you is the mercy you have for another.

If you talk and I cannot see, it is not done.

Priestly ways are yours. Godly ways are mine. Truth is only spoken from a clean heart.

Look at me each day with a clean eye. I then look at you.

Be ready. Heaven is forever.

Mold another, you have another you. Love another, you have gold.

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