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Great Peruvian Circle
Location: The Rock Forest of Huayllay. Pasco, Peru (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

Beginning in the fall of 1996, crew members were guided that their next sacred circle would be built somewhere in the Andes Mountains, and that the journey would require great mental and physical discipline. They were told to prepare for a rigorous journey into high altitude by hiking regularly with heavy back packs and walking and climbing stairs daily.

Shortly thereafter, Jesus Christ came in a visitation and revealed that this circle in the Andes would hold his energy. He said, “I have come to set the story straight in the purest place left on earth,” and this place is high in the Andes of Peru. Crew members prepared mentally and spiritually by reading the words of Christ and John from the Bible and by using the blood of Christ to protect all loved ones and resolve difficulties in their lives.

Prior to leaving, Christ appeared in another visitation and gave specific instructions on where crew members should go and what they should do once they arrived on Peruvian soil. These instructions included finding and connecting with an experienced Peruvian guide of Incan ancestry. Christ said, “He has an honest heart and I will be speaking to him along the way.” 

Following exact guidance 14 crew members from all corners of the globe (10 women and 4 men) met in Lima and traveled in 3 trucks around the entire southern half of Peru over a 3-week time span. Christ’s guidance was specific and had to be followed in sequence:


1) connect with the Incan guide in Cuzco

2) camp for two days in a national forest

3) meet in a church in Cuzco and find a particular painting of “The Last Supper”

4) locate a painting of the Blessed Virgin on a wall, which depicts her as a human being and not a saint 

5) discover the natural center of Peru to build the circle

Once crew members met in the church in Cuzco and saw “The Last Supper,” Christ came in a visitation and delivered the first of what would become nine lessons, referred to as the Christ Lessons. This is one of the books from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day. As crew members proceeded on their journey high in the Andes toward the natural center of Peru, Christ visited them periodically and imparted these lessons of his life, which “set the story straight.”

Christ did indeed speak to the Incan guide and told him where to locate the circle. This sacred circle is situated high in the Andes near Cerro de Pasco. It is built of white stones representing the purity of Christ’s heart, with an outer circle of red stones representing the blood and love of Christ. 14 imbedded wooden spokes join the two circles together, the embedded entrance stone has several natural crosses and between the two circles at the entrance is an embedded foot-shaped white stone, which represents the footprint of Jesus Christ. 

Anyone willing to make the rigorous journey to this sacred site or to read the lessons that Jesus gave in this pure energy will truly embrace the purity of this place and its people and be touched by the love and passion of Jesus Christ. The Rock Forest of Huayllay is located in the district of Huayllay, province of Pasco, department of Pasco, in central Peru. It is located in the high plain (meseta) of Bombon, in the high Andes range. Huayllay is a Peruvian National Park, in which you can find a rock forest. It is about 3800 meters above sea level and five hours from Lima by car.

Great Peruvian Circle
Christ prayer card
Lessons of the Christ
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"I only cast my lines into God's pure love today. I know that I will catch what I need for this day."

Lesson Five - The Battlefield 


My lesson for today is the battlefield. 


If you could see the bloody battlefield in my name, you would never sleep again. If I could tell you the sorrow in my heart for every man, woman and child that has died in my name, of the bloody battles of neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, brother against brother in my name. I weep. I weep. I weep. 


Forgive me, but I must set the story straight. I love my brother. I love my father. I love my friend. I love my wife. I love my child. I cannot see anywhere in my own heart where I would take the life of another, where I would stand and say my name, that is supposed to be holy to the world, “I'm going to kill you, my friend.” 


The despair that I feel each day, the sorrow that I feel each night, cannot in any way ever repay what has been done in the name of Christ. 


God forgave man and has tried to lead the way. He asked me to tell the world how to love one another, how to be in God's peace and harmony and be free.  


But yet, man wants to feel that he’s in charge. Man wants to know that he can be the one to row the mighty boat and pull the mighty oars. And in the name of Christ, more blood has been shed than any other name that has ever been spoken. 


My heart is full of great sorrow. I weep tears where there are no rivers to hold them. My life was to spread the great word of my Father God, to love one another, to choose to be always talking to God for your direction in life.  


My word has been spoken in every language that has covered this earth, and still man kills in my name. How can I stand tall and say, “My name is Jesus Christ,” when the blood that runs across this land is in my name? 


I know I must forgive, for God has told me so. But He has never said that I must stop crying, and I have not. It is not my wish to say, “Kill that man for me.” It is my wish to say, “Love your brother, let him be.” Let each man choose how to worship God. It is not to worship me. 


I came just to tell the truth. God said, “Give them these words. They will listen to you.” But I feel that somehow I failed. When I look at the bloody battlefields of life and I see one man kill another, I can never say my walk on earth was good in any way, except to make a battlefield of blood in my name. 


My only wish is to set the story straight. That is why I have come to speak with you. I came here as a man. I walked as a man. My life was just like yours. God asked me to speak for Him, as I’m asking you to speak for me. I did as God asked, but man cannot hear. It is my sorrow that I must carry each day. 


Every man is divine in his own way. Every woman’s soul is part of God and God’s love and energy. Each man that comes to be born on this plane is loved by God infinitely. To fight, to kill, to maim, to shame in the name of Jesus Christ, is more than I can bear in my heart. There are no rivers that can hold my tears. 


Mark this day in your book. You are to say to those you meet along the way, 


Jesus came to tell you to love one another, to be in love with God. Jesus came upon this planet as a man like you and me. And in his heart he has great sorrow, and feels the great pain that you would kill in his name. 


I feel that as this energy is changed into this brand new circle, that my mark may be straightened out and sent another way. That is the hope of God, the hope of Heaven, the hope of all beings on this side, that man can begin to see that in the name of Jesus Christ, you are to be free. You are not to be a prisoner. You are not to be killed. You are not to be maimed or sent away.  


I feel that somehow my heart has been stolen, for I spoke in a very plain way, just as I speak to you today. There was no mystery or magic about my words. They were very clear, you see. The message is, “There is no battlefield. Love your brother. Love your mother. Love your friend. Love your child. Love God passionately.” 


Listen to my words. My name is Jesus Christ. If you follow what I say, you will be free. If you continue to row your own boat in a bloody sea, you will never experience the passion of God or the joy of me. That is my lesson for this day.

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