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Circle of Tibet
Location: West of Dege, Sichuan Province, China/Tibet (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

The fourth Sacred Circle of Heaven is located in Tibet. Crew members prepared for two years for this rigorous journey by hiking local mountain trails with heavy backpacks and performing daily training exercises, to condition themselves for the high altitudes they knew they would encounter. In the spring of 1995, four California crew members joined the keepers of the Mt. Fuji circle (forming a group of five women and one man) to travel into China and then on into Tibet to build this magnificent circle.


Crew members were told they would experience angel flight, they would travel into the interior of China and they would spend time along the Yangtze River. And during the course of the journey they would soon learn what all of that meant. They flew into Beijing and onto Chengdu in Sichuan province, where they were met by an interpreter/guide and two experienced mountain drivers. They traveled the northern route into Tibet on a road the Chinese say is, “More treacherous than the road to Heaven.” This certainly proved to be the case, as they traversed high mountain passes over roads that were barely there and they truly did experience angel flight. Local folklore has it that being in the presence of one of these majestic mountains is, “Worth ten years of meditation.” 


Their guidance was to spend time on the Yangtze River, where they would meet a navigator for their journey, named Sid, and to bring food to share with Sid. Traveling up and down the Yangtze River, crew members diligently looked for this navigator Sid, whom they assumed would have a boat to take them down the river. Unable to find Sid or the boat, they were guided to cross the Yangtze River into Tibet, put on their backpacks and leave jeeps and drivers behind. Once they had done this, they were guided to cut a long flowering branch from a tree and sit with it in silence for one hour along the bank of the river. In the silence a large ball of brilliant light appeared to them and a voice said, “My followers call me Buddha, but you may call me Sid. I will be your navigator on your journey here. Meet with me every day at noon. Do not be late.”  

Crew members then began their backpacking trek into Tibet and their search for the sacred site, where they would build the Great Circle of Tibet, from which the beautiful Buddha energy would emanate. Along the way, Sid met with them every day at noon and delivered powerful lessons that are now contained in Sid’s Love: A Small Book of Truth, one of the books of The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day.  


The circle is located in a beautiful mountain valley, which guides referred to as the Buddha bowl, and has a tributary of the Yangtze River running through it. Guidance was to gather large pearl-white stones from this river and build two interlocking circles of the same dimension. The stones were of such density that even with all of their physical training, crew members had great difficulty transporting them from the river up the hill to the circle site. But to their surprise, many Tibetan people came out of the hills and began to carry these beautiful heavy stones upon their backs. These people exhibited such joy and love for life, for each other and for the crew that they truly embodied the spirit of Buddha. And this beautiful double circle, with its spoked wheel in the center, radiates the love and compassion of Buddha out to China and the world.

Circle of Tibet
Buddha prayer card
Lessons of the Buddha
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Your life is a song, sing it well."



Coronation of a king could be no greater than my honor here. From my small foot corner of the world I speak. There is no temple large enough to hold God the Father, so why build one? The temple of my mind is where I worship. Devotion to me is silence. 
I believe the flame of Heaven burns bright for me and that I may warm myself on this flame. 
I believe in the wind of change, an element of my belief, to allow the wind to carry away my grief. 
I believe the wind can carry my prayers to the ears above. 
I believe that each soul that I meet deserves my love. 
I believe in the freedom to believe. 
I believe the flower that I hold in my hand has the same right to the air as me. 
I believe that the cut on my finger and the drop of blood in the snow allows me to see my own human path.
I allow myself to see the blood on the snow as the human part of me. I understand the snow provides water for the world and all of the human race. A drop of my blood in this snow, as it begins to melt to give water to the human race, is a part of me. I know that I am never separate from another’s course or another’s journey here. As the snow begins to melt and it is touched with my blood and it flows from one human heart to another, I want it to be coming from my heart of deep love and deep compassion for you. 
I believe that I cannot erase the words that I say. 
I believe that I live more than one long human day. 
I believe that what I say and how I walk on this day will follow me forever as I make my way. 
I believe the beggar in the street has more wisdom than me. 
I believe the truth of what I’m telling you and how to follow me. 
I believe that I have been shown a miraculous way. 
I believe that I will be born again and live another day. 

I believe whatever I put down on the grass of my life this day, the footprint that I leave will last forever and that I must always walk softly on another’s heart. 
I believe as you read my teachings in The Book of Heaven that you will begin to walk gently on another person’s heart. 
I believe there is a world of great love and of great light that I want to show to you. 
I believe in the mirror and the reflection I see. 
I believe in the truth you are about to be given in this Book of Heaven. 
I believe that the miracle this day is that you have opened this book and you will learn to be like my small drop of blood on the snow, to touch the human heart with such grace that as your blood spreads around the world in the great melted snow energy, that your blood touches every human heart with your compassion and your love and your worthiness to be part of the human race this day. 
Read on, Dear Reader, read on. From the Buddha heart to you—not just love, but compassion in all you do.



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