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Golden Echo Chamber
Location: The Java Sea - 5° 37’ 6.2’ S x 114° 34’ 14.5” E (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

The Bali Star Represents God’s Heaven below the Sea, Tunashia, a residence not just for sea life but also for Sea Angels and other beings who have the ability to live, thrive, reproduce and breathe under water.


On August 21st 2011 seven ordinary people from very different walks of life departed from Los Angeles California  traveling to Bali Indonesia and the Java Sea, on a demanding and treacherous adventure of deep blind faith and commitment.  The mission, titled by God, The Sweet Life, a work of God, designed to discover the location of the entrance to a world called God’s Heaven Under the Sea and bring about the opening of a portal of ancient identity, an actual place – a world below the sea of our earth where Illuminated beings and angels have resided for eons and eons and whose sole purpose is to watch over and protect us – the human race - in a beautiful, sweet and powerful way.

Messages from Sea Angels of God's Heaven Below the Sea
From The Sweet Life Journey

"Behold, we bring sweetness to the world"

The Sea Angel Gloria announces:


“It is a glorious time. It is a sweet time. We are coming to spread a Sweetness to the world that it has never known before.”


The Sea Angel Toree brings the Banner of Sweetness that she will wrap around the world.


“In our Heaven under the sea there are no dark thoughts, no evil deeds, because we are always moving and purifying our world. With our movement under the sea, there is no stagnation anywhere.”


The Sea Angel Crystal's message for you:


"I am the Angel Crystal from the Heaven below the sea. I am crystal clear in all that I do and say. There are no clouds or shadows in or around me. My Heaven below the sea is so very sweet. We are open and free and crystal clear about what we do or say. There is never any trickery. I speak openly about what I need and want. I do not wait for anyone to try and figure me out or get to know me. I am crystal clear in my actions and deeds. I respect all parts of you that are crystal clear too. In your world there is anger, hatred and defeat. Openness and being crystal pure are frowned upon.  


Close your eyes and I will take you to my Heaven under the sea, where all is clear, transparent, open and free. Dive deep with me. Be astounded at the freedom you feel. Slide into the water, open your eyes wide, breathe freshness, transparency. Breathe in our Heaven below the sea. See how fluid and moving we are. No stagnation. We are open minds and hearts. We have no borders in our Heaven. You are free to move about. You may open your mouth, laugh and shout. You may be sad or even pout. We welcome all parts of you. Here there is no holding back. We are crystal clear about who we are and how we feel. We are all safe with those who see and know us intimately. Our Heaven is all so sweet because it is safe to be open and free and allow all parts of your life and soul to be open wide and free.  


Now spout out to your world what you have swallowed in our Heaven below the sea. Be crystal clear in your words, thoughts and actions. Be open wide, be transparent, like crystal.  Shine and glow. Give your sweetness to your world, let it flow, like the sweet waters of our Heaven below the sea. Spread the sweetness of the crystal clear openness of yourself and your soul. Have a sweet life." 


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