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The Sweet LIfe

On August 21st 2011 seven ordinary people from very different walks of life departed from Los Angeles California  traveling to Bali Indonesia and the Java Sea, on a demanding and treacherous adventure of deep blind faith and commitment.  The mission, titled by God, The Sweet Life, a work of God, designed to discover the location of the entrance to a world called God’s Heaven Under the Sea and bring about the opening of a portal of ancient identity, an actual place – a world below the sea of our earth where Illuminated beings and angels have resided for eons and eons and whose sole purpose is to watch over and protect us – the human race - in a beautiful, sweet and powerful way.


The seven adventurers returned to the U.S. on September 9th 2011, changed profoundly forever. They brought home recorded messages, video film and photos from their journey with the instructions to produce a documentary of the journey and a book, both entitled the Sweet Life.


The mission of the Foundation of Heaven is to make this documentary, complete the Sweet Life book and share it with the world. The stakes are high; our blood, our sweat, our tears, our lives.




The Sweet Life documentary will follow the seven adventurers' footsteps on a blood and guts journey, facing the elements with extreme exhaustion, following the guidance—not of earthbound humans, but of heavenly beings from the World of Light – the world that has created everything in our universe and all universes – and their ultimate arrival, in the middle of the Java sea, at the actual location of the opening and portal of God’s Heaven Under the Sea, where they were given by these Beings, messages and ancient records for the human race - their creation – that they fear is unraveling at a rapid pace.

The Sweet Life Book


The Sweet Life Book
Pre-production Limited Edition Volume $24.99+$7.70 shipping and handling

The Sweet Life story is not for the meek and the mild. The Book reveals information never discovered before about the creation of humankind,  the purpose and existence of beings from other galaxies and universes that live among us, the origins of our God, disclosures about the workings of all universes and concerns and predictions for the future of  Humanity.​

The Sweet Life Book is a tale of a humorous, charismatic man that calls himself God and his quest to sell his book The Sweet Life to the Boardroom of the Human Race.  He presents in his boardroom meetings many questions and makes profound and shocking statements.  What is the Sweet Life? Where did we come from? Who are we really? If there is a God where did he come from and if he created us, who created him?! Could you ever believe that millions of galaxies away there exists a World of Pure White Light filled with Beings of Light who love us – who watch over us – who seed us with their light and genius and who have the answers to all these questions.


Little did God know that he would be tested by the Boardroom of the Human Race and their test group; an atheist, a politician, a math teacher, a gardener, a foster child, a poet, a nun, a dog and a cat. And that they all had questions for him! Does he pass the test? Does the Boardroom of the Human Race buy his book the Sweet Life?


Will you?

Excerpt from The Sweet Life Book

CHAPTER 1: God's Meeting with the Boardroom of the Human Race


Sweetness never divides and conquers. Sweetness flows like a gentle river that has no end. Sweetness always gives of itself, without reservation. Sweetness is never guarded. I adore everyone. Sweetness is giving tirelessly. I never get tired of loving you. Sweetness grows as it’s given away. My giving sweetness fills me with such tender sweetness and such deep love I am bursting now to give my sweetness away.


I pour my tenderness, my adoration, my star-filled eyes, my brilliant, endless, mindless feelings for you, down over you this very day. I am not guarded in any way in what I want you to have from my sweet self. All of the great wings of Heaven are delivering sweetness to the world as we speak. I am pouring my sweetness over you too. You may say, “Our God is being quite generous this day. Will it be the same tomorrow and the next?” I assure you that it will.


When I look around at all that I’ve created I am filled with such joy. But when I look at my human creations, I fall to my knees just to say I adore you so much. Each moment of my life is spent adoring and loving you. I am on my knees with my adoration for you, sweet, sweet adoration this day.

-God’s Undersea Message

Kangean, Java Sea, Indonesia - 8-25-11



I have so many thoughts churning in my head this morning. It is early am. I want to leave this building before the sun gets too bright. The reason for that is because I’m wearing my business suit that I have not had on for a very long time. My decision whether to wear a red or blue tie has been excruciating. Should I wear cufflinks or just buttons? Am I lint-free? Are my shoes shined? So much to think about. But I want to present myself as significant in business as I am in other things.

 It is important now for me to be so business-like today and sell my product to a huge corporation, called the human race. I am in a race for time. I’m looking in the mirror and I would like to say, “Not too bad for an old, old man.” But then I’m taking a second look. I still look a little shoddy; it is such work to present yourself. But I also know by watching astute businessmen that they power-dress. So I am power-dressing today and having a meeting with a great corporation called the human race.

I am exhausted in thinking that I have put together such a good plan. I’m going to have my chalkboard, pass out papers so they may be examined. My heart is beating rapidly and I want to make sure, as I look at my watch, that I am not late in any way. My suit is a little tight and the shoes are squeezing my feet, not just slightly, but quite a bit. However, I will stop complaining now, get my briefcase and head down the elevator to the first floor. I hope my transportation has arrived on time, even though it’s expensive it’s worth it to me. I do find myself getting lost at times when I’m wandering around this world, so I have a driver and a car to take me immediately to this business meeting.

My heart is pumping and racing, I am so excited but I also feel despair. What if they do not want to buy what I have to sell? Have I wasted my time? Have I wasted my currency? Have I wasted my energy? What a dilemma to be in. Why can’t things just be simple? “Here’s what I’ve got to sell, please buy it from me. Let’s have a fair exchange, I will listen to you and you will read about me.”

Download the full chapter here, for free.

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