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Circle of the Moon
Location: Island of Madagascar (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

In May 1995, during the journey to create the Great Circle of Tibetan Energy, the crew was visited by the Witch Doctor. He presented himself as swirling energy, like several brown and yellow mobiles turning in the wind and creating the design of a great web.


Once they returned home, the Witch Doctor appeared again and demonstrated his ability to shape-shift—shifting from an animal energy to a human energy to a bird energy and back to an animal energy. Circle guides informed crew members that the Witch Doctor is so powerful that he can stop your heart in the blink of an eye.  


The Witch Doctor revealed that the fifth Sacred Circle of Heaven would be located in Madagascar and that this circle would contain his wisdom, his magic and his energy. He required the crew to train mentally and physically and to accept his teachings without question, even if they did not understand. His first requirement was to repeat the mantra over and over each day, “I know that I do not know.” They were instructed to go out each morning before dawn and walk for one hour, in faith and without fear, learning to embrace the darkness.  


Crew members were required to make amulet pouches of burlap, containing tools given by the Witch Doctor: a black stone representing the blackness of the night, where a true Witch Doctor performs magic; a white shell representing the purity of the Witch Doctor’s heart as he performs magic in the dark of night; a snake’s skin, representing the ability of crew members to shed their skin and tail and to take on a different color, texture and shape; a root from a native tree, representing their ability to root themselves into the land of Madagascar and to become one with Madagascar and the heart of the Witch Doctor; and a sacred pig bone, representing their willingness to be of service to others.


By the fall of 1996 the Madagascar crew had grown to include 18 people, 6 men and 12 women. They were divided into two groups: 9 trekking members, called black birds, who were to travel into the depths of Africa and Madagascar, into the heart and soul of the Witch Doctor energy, to locate and build the sacred circle; and 9 members in the prayer crew, called silver birds, who were to help secure the success of the black birds’ journey through their prayers of great love and protection.


Suddenly all birds were given the message to abort this journey, to go underground in deep silence and then to make a great turn in a new direction. Since that time Madagascar has been surrounded in great mystery. The Witch Doctor has now revealed to the crew members and the world that the entire island of Madagascar is alive with his energy. He says,  


“The great Witch Doctor circle is buried deep in the bowels of the earth of this island, and that is where I practice my magic and what I know. If someone wants to travel to this place, they will be engaged in magic of any kind and from many different sources. When you travel with the Witch Doctor you must change your spots. You must travel as a leopard. You must travel as a horse. You must travel as just pure air. This is my camp, this is where I teach, where I give my work to you. I have a lesson for each soul that comes to this place, so that they too can perform magic in the dark that will shine in the light of day. The question is and always will be, ‘Are you Witch Doctor enough inside of yourself to take and hold my energy?’ Be of service during the day and walk at night and Mooncamp will be given to you.”


The Witch Doctor insisted that in order to make the journey to Madagascar, crew members had to stay as focused as if they were walking on a razor’s edge. The purpose was to let go of their ego, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, guilt, greed and hurt. This would allow them to walk through the eye of a needle and build his sacred circle in Madagascar with a pure heart. 

Witch Doctor prayer card
Lessons of the Witch Doctor
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Cary magic in your heart."

The Dove


It’s nighttime, it’s very dark. The Witch Doctor is calling out to you. He shows you a path and you can tell that he has walked here before. He’s taking you through the jungle, to a place that is much drier and more like a desert. He’s taking you right to the heavenly circle of the Witch Doctor. He’s walking around the circle in the dark, and invites you to come and sit with him. The Witch Doctor has dug a hole in the center of the circle. He reaches down into the hole, right to the bowels of the earth. You can see the molten, hot lava energy. He reaches deep, deep down into the heart of this circle. The Witch Doctor pulls something out. It is red, hot and oozing. And out of this oozing mass in his hand comes a magnificent white dove. He passes the beautiful white dove to you. The lesson is, have the heart of the dove in all that you form and do.  


You may learn to form many things as I am teaching you. You may take the form of an elephant this day. But as the elephant, if your course is to smash the village and to stomp on the people, it is only for a moment you feel glory. Whatever you shape, whatever you do in all of this magic, will turn on you. Always carry this dove in your heart for whatever you shape. It may appear to be done in the dark, in secret and in great shaping from the bowels of the earth, with great power and force. But you must always carry the pureness of the dove in the center of what you do. That is true Witch Doctor magic. Whatever you shape from the bowels of the earth, whatever you have it do, whatever you create and shape that comes from you, remember what I’m saying in this circle of magic. All returns from where it came, and if it does not have the heart of the dove, it will come back through you. Use it for dark or for beauty.   


Hold the dove in your hand, feel its heartbeat in your palm. Know that you are holding a great life force of energy. The dove represents the purity in this world and it is a gift for you, so that you may use purity in all your magic, in all that you want to shift and shape, in all that you want to create and do. Remember that you have the power, the source, inside of you. I’m teaching you how to be the leopard, how to be the tree, how to enter into the heart and soul of another and be them for a moment, so that you may be of service to them, do you see? Keep the dove with you at all times. Allow yourself to be a Witch Doctor in your mind. Allow your heart to be filled with the purity of the dove. Allow all that you do to be of good and to be of high energy.



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