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Mt. Fuji Circle
Location: Lake Yamanakako. Yamanashi, Japan (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

Nestled in a beautiful forest in a small village in the heart of Japan is the second Sacred Circle of Heaven. This circle is referred to as Mt. Fuji Circle because it lies at the base of Mt. Fuji, which the Japanese consider to be one of their most sacred places. It holds the energy of the Samurai Warrior, one of God’s master teachers. 


The story of the creation of this circle began a few months after Angel Canyon Circle was completed. A vision of a snow-capped mountain with a cloud ring around it appeared three times each day for a period of nine months, and crew members came to realize that this was a vision of Mt. Fuji. Concurrently, a couple in Japan had sold their ancestral home in Tokyo and moved their family to this beautiful forest at the base of Mt. Fuji, not understanding why, but knowing that God had a plan for them. Having suffered the loss of two babies, the wife traveled to California for grief counseling with one of the crew members, a therapist to whom she had been referred but had not yet met. Under her arm she carried a photo album which she presented and said, “I want to show you where I live.” It contained a picture taken from her dining room window of Mt. Fuji—the same mountain in the vision of the previous nine months. Thus began the journey of the Samurai Warrior.  


After this woman returned to Japan, crew members began to receive messages that there would be a second sacred circle and that it would be in Japan. Remembering the woman and her picture of Mt. Fuji, they contacted her and asked if she would help them locate the sacred site and build the circle. She and her husband graciously and enthusiastically offered their help and opened their home. It then became clear why this couple had moved to Mt. Fuji and why crew members had had the vision of the same mountain. All of these events were divinely orchestrated. 


In the fall of 1992, seven California crew members traveled to the base of Mt. Fuji, and they were instructed to build the Samurai circle in the same forest where this couple lived. A crew of eleven (7 women, 2 men and 2 young girls) built the circle to the same dimensions as Angel Canyon Circle. This was a labor-intensive project, as stones had to be pulled from a sacred river, loaded onto trucks and transported to the forest. Once at the forest, the stones had to be hauled uphill to the sacred circle site with ropes, pulleys and sleds. The teaching of the Samurai here is that there is no such word as “impossible,” you must never give up and that there is always a way to accomplish your task.  


Since its completion, thousands of people have visited this circle and experienced the sacredness of the Samurai energy it contains.

Mt. Fuji Circle
Samurai prayer card
Lessons of the Samurai Warrior
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Make sure you know what you want to identify with, because that's what you become."

The Samurai was born to go the distance and to never look back. Were you? 


Once you have immersed yourself in the great warrior’s heart, you will understand that there has to be purity in what you speak and say. You may say, “I’m a warrior and I know how to fight this day,” but the great Samurai knows that there is no fight. For you see, the Samurai knows that you stand until the end, win or loose. The Samurai knows that you go forever and you never say, “I have won or lost the battle.”  The Samurai knows you go to the end, whatever the end may be. It is important that you understand there is no way to win or loose. That the truth of life is that you move forward, you never quit, you never say, “I’ve lost the battle this day.”


You are to be a warrior for a moment in time, to be like the Samurai and know that there is no word “to quit,” ever. In your mind carry forward on your back your family, your friend. Be willing to walk with a broken leg through the battlefield, carrying others along with you. Have no thought ever that you will sit down, stop or quit, you see. Move forward on your walk here as a great Samurai. There are no words, there are no thoughts, there are no tears, there are no regrets. You have the heart and the blood of the Samurai, which means there is no stopping you. There are no words in your mind to ever know of the word stop, you see. Come full circle into this place and accept the idea and know it to be true, that there are no hurdles, there are no obstacles, there are no human plans that can ever take you from this way of thinking, you see. You are unbeatable, unstoppable, you are pure Samurai and you continue forward in every way. It is the law of Heaven. It is A Brand New Day. Step into the great Samurai’s energy and be a Samurai for this day. Know there is nothing that can stop you and you have no words to be stopped, do you see? 


If you have the heart and the blood of the Samurai, there is no stopping you.

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