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White Station Circle
Location: Queensaldn, Australia (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

Immediately upon returning from Mt. Fuji, Japan, crew members were guided to go to Angel Canyon Circle, step into the Eye of God and pray. They were then guided to step out of the circle and form with their bodies the shape of a spear pointing eastward. Each subsequent time they visited the circle for prayer they were instructed once again to form the shape of the spear, until during one visit they were told to point the spear towards Australia. This was their first clue that there would be a third circle and that it would be located in Australia. Concurrently, a vision of a white mountain surrounded by yellow flowers began to appear, giving detail of the sacred site.  


Shortly after this, an Australian bush woman who had spent time in Mt. Fuji Circle felt compelled to contact crew members in California and send them a photograph. This photograph of a man holding a spear had been taken nine years prior, during a visit to an ancient Aboriginal ceremonial site located in the outback of Queensland. She had been haunted by this image for many years, always feeling it had some significance but never knowing what it was. But to the California crew it was a confirmation of the energy and meaning of the spear they had been forming at Angel Canyon Circle


It became apparent to the crew that three worlds were colliding in a profound and synchronistic way, which goes beyond the physical realm. A woman from Australia sitting in the energy of the Mt. Fuji Circle remembers a photograph from her past and feels it belongs to crew members in California. Meanwhile in California, crew members are forming with their bodies, unbeknownst to them, the same spear contained in the photograph. These events led to the realization that this bush woman would become their guide in the finding and building of the next sacred circle.


In June of 1993, this bush woman did indeed guide crew members (five women, one man and one teenage boy) to the ancient Aboriginal site and the man with the spear. She then led them, through her Aboriginal wisdom, to the white mountain surrounded by yellow flowers from the visions of the previous nine months. And on the mountain, in the middle of the red earth of the outback, they came upon a mesa where a smooth circle of white sand was already formed, and a stone with the face of an Aboriginal man etched into it. This was their confirmation that they had found the sacred circle site, which became White Station Circle.  


The guidance from above was to gather very large stones to encircle this sacred site. These stones were gathered from the surrounding hills and a dry river bed and the circle was built to the same specifications as Angel Canyon and Mt. Fuji Circles, including the entrance stone with a cross. Although this site is located in a very remote area of Queensland, many people have since found the circle and used it for prayer and healing.


White Station is approximately 30 minutes drive North East of Aramac. When you drive north out of town, go over the railway line and then take the right fork, this is Lakes Rd. The road heads out towards Lake Dunn, 'The Sea of Galilee.' After approximately 30 minutes, the circle will be on the left side of the road about 80 meters north, at the base of a small bluff. Drive slowly and you will be able to see the larger standing stones of the circle entrance.

White Station Circle


Thank you. I came across the White Station Circle by following a feeling.. I was on a healing journey, camping through the Outback in April 2021. Guided by the powers that be and an open heart I followed that little sign on the side of the road and felt so compelled to walk up the hill to find the most wonderous site. My experience was as if I already knew before I stepped into the circle that this is what my Outback journey had been all get to this very point. I asked if I may enter and stand in the Eye of the circle. I gave thanks and stood in meditation, my breath my focus. I felt a calm wash through my body that I will never foget..I was able to feel peace and my strength once again. It wsa a blessing in this life to have made the journey, a most joyous occasion. I do hope to visit there again and perhaps the other Circles. Wow wouldn't that be precious. Than you once again for your devotion and wisdom.


Aboriginese Prayer Card
Lessons of the Aborigine
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Why chase something that dosen't want you?"

Grandfather's Teachings 


My brother lives a long distance from me, but we are together always in our minds. I hear him speaking to me in my mind every day and I speak back to him. Sometimes we do not agree, sometimes we disagree much, but it’s important that I’m always knowing of where he is traveling and he knows where I travel too. If I call to my brother in my mind, he can hear me. When he calls to me, I can hear him. Sometimes we play a game where I pretend that I cannot hear him and will not speak. He has a short temper at times and he then tries to travel to where I am. He always finds me and I always pretend I don’t know what he’s speaking of. It is our game, our way, since childhood. But you see, in one day I can travel in my mind to wherever he is sitting and he can travel to me in one day also. For we have our own way of speaking to each other in the mind that is more real than any machine that you could ever have. It is instant in every way, do you understand? 


We have a world that may seem wrong to you, but I’m coming to show it to you in a clear way. Since it is the great wish of the world above that we are part of what is being said, I come with an open mind to speak to you. First I’m walking across the stars, headed your way. I want you to notice in a clear way that my legs are very different than your legs, do you see? They are completely hollowed out, as you would say, for the wind goes through my legs to help me travel a great distance each and every day.


I never sit on a chair. I never stand. I always squat close to the earth. Why be standing like a tree when you are human and your feet are on the earth? So that is where I do my best work and thinking, squatting with the wind between my legs. It is my way. 


I want you to hear how I speak. It is a noise that clicks in a very loud way. I will show you the coin that I have with me. My teeth are very, very hard and what I say I do with my teeth. I do not trust the voice to speak the truth. Only my teeth and the sound from my throat are speaking truth to me. It is difficult to tell a lie with your teeth. It is easy with the tongue. So know when you meet someone like me you will hear the truth coming in a loud, clicking way. It may seem different, but listen, you will understand every word that I say. If you will just listen to the click of what my teeth are telling you, you will understand whether I’m surprised, whether I am sad, whether I am laughing with glee. It is always the great clicking of the teeth that will appear to you and you will understand in a moment what I say. 


There is a world above your heads, a world that speaks everyday. We walk where the world tells us to walk. We sit where the world tells us to sit. We travel a long distance to find what the world tells us to do. It is an easy life, for there are teachers of the wind, there are teachers of the sand and the dirt. There are teachers in the stars and in the raindrops too. There are teachers everywhere. Why not allow them to teach you? We do not close our mind from anything from above. We are open in our hearts and our stomachs too. I have never missed one meal ever, because I listen to what is being told to me and will immediately find my food for the day.  


I find that whatever grows out of the ground or on a bush or tree will keep me living a long, long time. If it’s wrapped in paper, I believe it will poison me. It is our way to live in a world that grows, not a world that is crumpled and dry. It is my way of telling you eat from the earth, not from the package in your hand. That is a strange mystery to my mind. 


Come and sit with me, I show you our way. We believe that a bird or a baby to us is from the world above, that the clouds have brought the baby and the sun too. It is a gift that we all keep and play with everyday. The baby does not belong to you or you or you. It belongs to all of us and we pass it around and carry the baby and feed it too. The baby is a celebration of our world and we celebrate everyday. There is no day that is not filled with some game, some fun, some trick or some summersault in some way. We do not live without celebration, as you. We do not look around for a special day. Every day to us is special, do you understand? Why celebrate someone’s 100th birthday when they are an old, old man? Celebrate every day, as we do. Like when we cradle the baby, we sing out loud and say, “You are our gift from above.” We all play. Life is to be laughed and played, not serious like you. Not pointing the finger, just saying what’s true.

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