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Circle of Turkey
Location: Near Bogazliyan, Intersection of D805 and the road to Pinar Kaya (click for map)
                  If you have visited this Sacred site, please share your story with us.

The Circle of Turkey lies in the center of Turkey in the most fertile place on earth. It is shaped like an elongated eye, measuring 80 feet from tip to tip and 20 feet across at its widest. It is made from very large stones gathered from the fields nearby. The pupil of the eye contains a five-pointed star made of wood painted white. This amazing eye is the seventh Sacred Circle of Heaven. God considers this eye to be one of His greatest treasures. Through this eye He can see all of the bloodshed and the hatred of the human heart. He can also see the hopes, dreams and love of the human heart. It was His wish that this circle, in the shape of His eye, be built in a land where more blood has been shed than in any other part of the world. 

In order to travel to this land and build this circle, the discipline required of crew members was intense, rigorous and done in blind faith. This preparation over a two-year period included a strict diet of pure foods, daily walking and stair climbing, praying to Allah on their knees at each sunrise and practicing several sporting activities to instill teamwork, concentration and focus. Crew members also came together from all parts of the world for three separate desert quests, in order to be trained to stay together, follow guidance and perform as a team with one mind and one goal.

In the spring of 2000, 12 crew members (8 women and 4 men) traveled to Istanbul to begin their journey. One of the 12 had traveled ahead to spend a month immersing himself in the culture and learning the language, and he became the guide and translator for the journey. Crew members were guided to travel to Mt. Ararat, where the Laws of Heaven for a Brand New Day were channeled from God. These laws became one of the books of The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day. The crew was then instructed to travel, like the hands of a clock, to each of the countries bordering Turkey and gather soil from that country. In order to accomplish these two tasks, the crew drove night and day for nearly 6000 miles across all kinds of terrain. 

Once the soil was obtained, the crew traveled to the center of Turkey, where they located their site and built the Circle of Turkey in the shape of the Eye of God. Along the way they were given lessons from the Holy Ghost, called the Book of Heaven, which is one of the books of The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day. Crew members were required to bury the soil from each country under one of the points and in the center of the five-pointed star in the pupil of the Eye of God. 

In the center of God’s eye is a sparkling star, twinkling out to the world. From the alchemy of this fertile soil in the center of Turkey and its neighboring countries, comes a great mixture to bring peace to the world and a brand new view. It is the hope of God, it is the hope of the Heavens, it is the hope of the Red Man, the Samurai Warrior, the Aboriginal Mind, the love and prayers of the Great Buddha, the magic of the Witch Doctor and the love of Jesus Christ that the connection of these circles of energy and the great lessons they hold will awaken the mind, heart and soul of man to the fact that there is a different way to live. Once again, God is bringing these ancient teachers back to you. Wake up. It’s a brand new world, a brand new view and a Brand New Day.

Eye of God prayer card
Lessons of the Pupil of the Eye of God
Excerpt from The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

"Mold another, you have another you. Love another, you have gold."

God’s Eleventh Lesson for You - Your Words Have Wings


Your words have wings that take flight. They travel far into the night. They do travel around the world. They come back again in many ways. They come back either to flowers in your ears or silver bells in your mind. Or they come back like a dagger in your heart, and you fall to the ground and you say, “Why am I being stabbed with this dagger this day?” Remember each word that you speak comes back to you in exactly the same way. If you have spoken words of great beauty, words of true meaning and with your heart, they come back in ways that are heavenly words to your ears and your mind on your journey here. If you have spoken words of meanness and words of being unkind, if you said a word that would tear another’s heart, it comes back like a dagger around the world and stabs you in the heart. If you have been stabbed in the heart, you must know it is your own words that have made it so. It is not someone else’s doing. Your own words have formed a great dagger and have stabbed you in the heart. Do you know the meaning of words? Words that you speak take flight. Be very careful in all that you say, day or night.



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