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The Book of Heaven

The Book of Heaven
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The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day

Author's Draft $69.95+$8.95 shipping and handling


The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day is dedicated to all the great spirits of Heaven, who have left behind footprints of love, wisdom and their great teachings.

Purchase the authors' original draft of the Book of Heaven before it becomes available to the general public. The book is a spiral bound 265 page compilation of teachings that seek to inspire you, empower you and fill you with hope. The Book of Heaven will be delivered to you in a Sacred pouch of Red or Black Velvet lined in Gold Satin. Imagine the Seven Sacred Teachers of Heaven discussing the challenges that face our world: destruction, greed, brutality, hate and fear. Now imagine a 'survival guide' written by these ancient teachers for this time and this place for the human race. Embark on a journey twenty years in the making that will show you how to live with determination, simplicity, trust, compassion, magic, truth and divinity. 

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God has opened the door for the world to see His face, His beauty, His power, His force, His grace. He will take you around the world to visit, experience and see the energy of His seven breathtaking jewels, breathtaking in beauty, great in wisdom and spirit too. He wants you to look past the veil and see a whole new world, a whole new way.  


There has been a knocking on the door and an opening of Heavenly energy. Placed upon your path are the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven, each one a jewel from the crown of God’s heavenly kingdom, you see. These rare jewels have been polished by a heavenly crew, with great discipline and a purifying of their own souls, to bring these circles forward to you.  


Sweetness of this day will become like a precious fruit to you. There may be some wandering of thoughts and ideas, you see. However, all will come back to one road. You must understand that this is a missal, handed down from Heaven for the world, you see. The Book of Heaven is a missal, handed down from Heaven, from the Father above, so that the world may see the great sweetness, the great fruit, the great gifts that He has for you. Understand as you’re reading these words that you’re entering into a world of great mystery. If you are willing to read forward in all that’s going to be shown and presented to you, on an adventure that you will never forget, in a world that you will remember and take into your heart each day, you will find in this mystery a journey for your soul.  


As you begin to look through this book, you’re going to see all of the jewels handed down from Heaven to the world in a beautiful way. It is important for the Reader to understand this is not fiction that you have in your hand. This is God’s world being presented to you in a way that you can understand. This is a missal from Heaven that will show you the way, that will open your mind and heart, you see, to the great jewels that have been bestowed on the world. Do not take these jewels lightly or believe in any way that you must interpret what is being shown to you. Read on and absorb the great sweetness of this journey into your soul. As you finish this missal, you will look at the world and God and these great jewels in a very different way, you will see.  


The journey begins with a great knocking on the door. The knocking became louder and there was an explosion in Heaven. In that great explosion, millions of suns combined together to open a heavenly doorway for this work to begin. The knocking became louder. The suns exploded brighter. Seven stars were joined together by a golden cord. These seven stars are God’s great jewels, the Seven Sacred Circles of Heaven.

Lessons from The Book of Heaven

Click on the prayer cards below to read excerpts from the Book of Heaven. Each lesson is handed down by the spirit energy of one of the Sacred Circles of Heaven.

Red Man prayer card
Samurai prayer card
Aboriginese prayer card
Buddha prayer card
Witch Doctor prayer card
Christ prayer card
Eye of God prayer card
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