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The Foundation of Heaven





The fact that you arrived at this site, whether by chance, referral or search, says a lot about you. You’re likely a person with an open mind looking for new information on an age-old subject, or perhaps you’re searching for answers regarding your own spiritual awareness. Whatever the reason, you will find this website contains some of the most compelling and enlightening spiritual information available today. For the first time anywhere, you will learn of a simple yet powerful connection to God who has come to speak directly to you.


There are no accidents. God wants you to know that there is a different way to live your life, a way that has existed for thousands of years but has been lost in modern time. This website is a gift to you from God for you to know and experience His joy and pure love each day. The Foundation of Heaven for a Brand New Day is God's work, His words, His message and His website.


The Sweet Life

On August 21, 2011 seven ordinary people from very different walks of life departed from Los Angeles, California  traveling to Bali Indonesia and the Java Sea on a demanding and treacherous adventure of deep blind faith and commitment.  The mission, titled by God, The Sweet Life, a work of God, designed to discover the location of the entrance to a world called God’s Heaven Under the Sea and bring about the opening of a portal of ancient identity, an actual place – a world below the sea of our Earth where Illuminated beings and angels have resided for eons and eons and whose sole purpose is to watch over and protect us – the human race - in a beautiful, sweet and powerful way.


Sacred Circles of Heaven

The Sacred Circles of Heaven are God's most precious jewels taken from His crown as a gift for all mankind. Within each jewel, lives a spirit of an ancient teacher that practiced a simple yet powerful connection with God. Located across five continents in seven different countries, the Sacred Circles of Heaven can be best defined as pinpoint locations that house a concentrated vortex of spiritual energy. If you have visited any of these Sacred sites, please share your story with us.

Angel Canyon Circle
Angel Canyon Circle

Big Morongo Canyon, California
The spirit of the Native American Red Man

Great Peruvian Circle
Great Peruvian Circle

Jungle of the Rocks, Peru
The spirit of the Christ

Circle of the Moon

Mooncamp, Madagascar
The spirit of the Witch Doctor

Circle of the Moon
White Station Circle
White Station Circle

Queensland, Australia
The spirit of the Aborigine

Golden Echo Chamber
Golden Echo Chamber

Java Sea
God's Heaven Under the Sea

Mt. Fuji Circle
Mount Fuji Circle

Lake Yamanakako, Japan
The spirit of the Samurai Warrior

Great Circle of Tibert
Great Circle of Tibet

Dege, Tibet
The spirit of the Great Buddha

Eye of God
Eye of God Circle

Bogazliyan, Turkey
The pupil of the eye of God

God has never been shy about making contact when He has a plan He wants implemented for mankind. Throughout history He has revealed Himself in dramatic ways in order to get the attention of those He wanted in His service. Most of these individuals were just ordinary people who were asked to do extraordinary things. This is the journey of such a contact and four people who have been moved by God in a very powerful way.

God's Big Dream

My name is JoAnne and I am as ordinary as your neighbor, your friend, your mother, your sister or your wife, with on exception - I am a mystic. This gift has made me (albeit reluctantly at times) a conduit for God's extraordinary plan, the discovery and marking of seven sacred locations throughout the world. It has only been in the last couple of years that I along with other Foundation members have come to realize what God's plan was really about.


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Foundation of Heaven Presenters

Heavenly Language

Throughout this website you will be introduced to a multitude of different energies that have come from the heavenly realm. You will find messages from God, the Holy Host, Guides, Samurai and Aborigine energy, Buddha and many more. To make your journey through this website easier, we have defined this as Heavenly Language.

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Books & Media

The Book of Heaven


God has opened the door for the world to see His face, His beauty, His power, His force, His grace. He will take you around the world to visit, experience and see the energy of His seven breathtaking jewels, breathtaking in beauty, great in wisdom and spirit too. He wants you to look past the veil and see a whole new world, a whole new way.

The Laws of Heaven


In March of 2000 during the journey to build the Circle of the Eye of God in Turkey, the Laws of Heaven for a Brand New Day were given to the Foundation members at Mount Ararat.

World, open your eyes to me. Give sweetness to each soul served to you... 



Messages from God, Illuminated Beings and the Light in the Center of the Universe.


The Sweet Life story is not for the meek and the mild. The Book reveals information never discovered before about the creation of the humankind, the purpose and existence of beings from other galaxies and universes that live amongst us, the origins of our God,  and predictions for the future of  Humanity.


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